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Save your time and money by recruiting the best staff with us! We take full responsibility for the search of a specialist based on your requirements.

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When you become our partner, we will help you with your recruitment needs both in Ukraine and in Europe.

We find candidates quickly thanks to our partner network of professional recruitment agencies.

You do not need to look for candidates, choose a partner out of 1000 existing recruitment agencies, and check their integrity. All you need to do is to send us your requirements and we will organize everything quickly and accurately.

Carefully selected candidates will become the best employees and ensure the prosperity of your company.

We provide legal advice on immigration and employment and also render assistance with residence and employment permits for non-EU citizens.

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    Remuneration for one employee, including discount: €

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    We work for the well-being of Ukrainian refugees, we do not receive funding from any funds.
    You pay for our work only after the employees start working for you

    The value cannot be greater than 75%

    Financial assistance in the organization of employment for Ukrainian refugees