International transport driver, Lithuania

  • Salary: 2000 – 2700 €
  • Work schedule: 8 weeks work / 4 weeks off
  • Job application: Official employment contract
  • Place of work: Lithuania, Kaunas


Our client is a large company with traditions, which has been in the transportation market for more than 16 years. The company is based in Kaunas, Lithuania and has more than 250 DAF and Renault tractors.


  • 60+ years old if no vision problems
  • Driving license of category: CE
  • Availability of Code-95
  • Work experience from 6 months
  • Work experience in Europe is welcome
  • No dependencies (“0” alcohol in the work)

Salary depends on the driver’s experience in Europe.

  • If the driver has experience up to 6 months (trainee driver) – the salary will be 55-60 €/day (1500-1650 €/month)
  • If the driver has up to 2 years of experience, the salary is 70-80 €/day (1900-2200 €/month)
  • If the driver has 2 years of experience and more, the salary is 80-98 €/day (2200-2700 €/month)
  • The salary is increased after 8 weeks of work in the absence of comments from the supervisor
  • Advances are issued
  • A company phone is issued and all business calls are paid

Driver’s working schedule:
8 weeks work/4 weeks rest
There may be another mode (individually)

On the territory of the base

All transport mainly in the European Union
Destinations of the routes: Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands